Price:              60 min. = CZK 1.250,-  (EUR  48,-)                            90 min. = CZK 1.600,-  (EUR 60,-)                       120 min. = CZK 1.850,-  (EUR  70,-) Packages:     5  x 90 min. = CZK 7.600,-    (EUR 287,-)                                10 x 90 min. = CZK 14.800,-   (EUR 557,-)                                     15 x 90 min. = CZK 20.250,-   (EUR 762,-)   (90min. = CZK 1.350,-)                                           20 x 90 min. = CZK 24.000,-   (EUR 905,-)   (90 min. = CZK 1.200,-) 

For further information and making a reservation for massage please write SMS: +420 736604913, or email: can be made via bank transfer to the account no: 1290567017/3030or you can pay in cash (no by card) on the day of your first procedure.

„I have always liked massages, but it is only thanks to your lymphatic drainage massages that I feel like a completely new person - more beautiful, active and even younger.
Mrs. Šárka Straková

I have been receiving massages from Anna Bartosova for many years.She is a very talented masseuse and has helped me with some physical problems as well as helping me relax and that is a real challenge.Anna, creates a calming environment in her studioand always asks if I am comfortable. We live in Prague during the summer months and Anna is one of the treasures of this great city.
Mrs. Joyce Simard

Who is ANNA?
Masseuse, lector

I focus on prevention as well as on deacidification and regeneration of the whole body.It will be my pleasure and honor to meet you and eventually help you deal with your problems.  

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for your 1st lympahtic drainage massage

write  SMS message on mob. + 420 736 604 913or email message to: